Camp International


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Camp International is a multicultural camp with great people from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Taiwan. We offer language and cultural education, int’l beer and flag quizzes, bingo in Chinese, Norwegian folk dance and much more. Stop by and say ‘hey’ in your language

Camp Soul Train

Camp Soul Train takes its inspiration from the classic 70′s American tv show ”Soul Train”. With all the best funk, soul and disco gems and a Night Fever-esque LED dance floor we are ready to create a happy atmosphere in Dream City. We offer free basic lessons of Disco dancing, and with big afros we welcome everyone in to show their moves.
Monday and Wednesday at 2 pm there will be dance lessons to prepare for Wednesday evening, where we host our big Boogie Bardy with line dances, dance battles and more exciting stuff!




Chillerlicious is a chill out zone for everybody to enjoy. Here they offers loads of free massage (10 min. per. person). And most importantly there are free hugs to all who needs and want it!

Dick N’ Dice know with erotic novels


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Every day Camp Dick N’ Dice will read erotic novels out load for festival goers and spread love and sex vibrations. Some days at 12 o’clock they will throw an open mike where anyone can come and share their thoughts and opinions – maybe read a sex or love poem to a special person.





RUC Camp has daily themes and events that focus on garbage problems during the festival. Each day starts with a new theme, and ends with another. RUC Camp hope to be of help to others who would like to learn more about college life, or just how to build a sustainable system.

Camp Den Synkende Skude



As sailors we travel the seas and bring great treasures with us from all around the world. In quest for one last adventure we have come to port at Roskilde to tell our tales of the seven seas and maybe end up with the greatest tale of them all.

Come visit us at “Den Synkende Skude” and you will experience how real sailors tell tales of the many wonders of the world, sing songs about beautiful women, and if you are lucky you may get a drink with the captain which is rumored to bring one great fortune in the future.
Join “Den Synkende Skude” where there is room for every fellow sailor, bluejacket and landlubber. But remember, on board the ship all men (and women) are equal.

Mormors kolonihavehus



The camp will built an allotment hut and a small white picket fence. There will be oozing of holiday life and atmosphere. The camp will be decorated with all the right decor inspired from the time their grandmothers were young like plastic flowers and tablecloth, cake tins, ashtrays and a flagpole.

They invite everyone over for delicious cookies and a game of cards. Also – no grandparents can live without a good old Gammel Dansk.

Camp Fri Ost



We, the people of Camp Fri Ost, want to spread our message to the good people of Roskilde festival. We want to liberate the cheese. In order to do so, we want to throw cheese-parties. At these parties the wonderful people from the camp will be handing out free samples of fine danish and european cheese.

In order to bring a visuel matter to the equation, we build af giant cheese, consisting of wood and fabric, which will be filled with solar powered light in the evening.

Camp Kluddermor


Kluddermor proudly present to you: Dating Service.

Are you single? Do you like meeting new people?
Then this service is meant for you! Fill out the short survey about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner, and we will find your best match.

Not convinced? You can try it out for the fun of it. Join the speed-dating or a treasurehunt with your date, chill out in our lounge — or show up in all-green clothes at our RED-YELLOW-GREEN party Wednesday evening.

Will you find the love of your life this summer? Only time will show

Wasa Camp

Wasa Camp wish to bring the “Wasa fun times happy spirit” to the people. We repeat the success with a 30 meters sliding slope in brown soap, human-curling, a crazy amount of water balloons, water pistols and other warious liquids!
Wasa Wandland will be a splashing adventure into the wet world of water! We deliwer “wasa wake-up service” where you will be refreshed with a lovely splash of water! Lucky you!
Furthermore will Wasa Wandland offer “washing-service” with a home built shower that will wash away your dirt!
In the evening and the late night hours, we will turn up the volume on the wasa water-wagon and provide an aqua-disco in the best Ibiza style!
How do you like them water melons?”




It is with great pride that once again this year – 2014 – “Postkilde” will continue as Roskilde Festival’s domestic mailing service.

Mail your letters to the post office, and the hardworking post men, will see to deliver it to the desired receiver all around the camping area during the festival. Everything from war statements, declarations of love, wastewater forecasts and singing telegrams found its way to the right owner in 2013.

Nothing in the world is free … The postage on your letter or package is determined in dialogue with the cutest, funniest and most loving “Skrankepaver” you’ve ever met. Funny stories, great dancing, alcohol, song, your good mood or a game is just a sample of what the postage can be for your particular shipment.

“Nothing is impossible – Everything is difficult” ; Postkilde


Jellyfish Goble Camp



Jellyfish Goble Camp is a project that shows the fun of such a slimy transparent animal. We will have parties with lights and blue jellyshots. Something in form as a dome shaped as a jellyfish will stand as a party and chill booth. Blue lights, luminous rubber boots and electronic whale music will fill out our camp spot!



Camp Energized imagine to built a stage to performances, music, lights and not only that but it will also be possible to recharge your phone by harvesting the energy from all the dancers. Camp Energized will also create different games while showing off an outstanding way of renewable energy solutions.

Camp Tortuga



Camp Tortuga has been at Roskilde Festival since 2007. Camp Tortuga is filled with pirates and has many traditions like the “Morgenurin” drink, duels of the “Captain Palle T-shirt” and “squeaky (parrot) toy rules”.
Meet all the pirates in Dream City this year and participate in the “Plyndringstogt” competition wednesday or just come by for a drink of “Morgenurin” and join the party.  Aaarrggh

Camp M.O.R.F.A.R.



This years project is all about sound system service.
Camp M.O.R.F.A.R. will bring the tools, sound systems and expertise to help fix broken sound systems and make pop up parties around in Dream City.
At night time look out as the skies over camp M.O.R.F.A.R. will be decorated by glowing bubbles.


Gadefesten aka piratfisken




Gadefest aka piratfisk will through parties in the Dome like last year. And will also invite all to a huge water fight during Roskilde Festival!

Project mini-golf



Project mini-golf wants to build a mini-golf course to allow all festival-goers to relax and have a chill time. Project mini-golf will host several activities: different themed tournaments (beer-golf, regular golf, two-people-one-iron golf etc) with prizes, a golf-themed party as well as an ongoing leaderboard throughout the festival.

Camp Bibliotek



At Camp Bibliotek (the Library), the festival’s guests can borrow books, play board games, and use the quiet zone when the noise is too much. The Library will function as a communication center where you can find a map of Dream City – And get updated on what happens in Dream City and where.

This is NOT the mensa camp



This is NOT the mensa camp love playing Trivial pursuit, and have daily competitions from early morning to early afternoon. Everyone is welcome to challenge them.




Join Camp KABS at one of the many competitions, which they will arrange like NightRace, StarRun, Flunkyball, Beer bowling and/or Beer croquet.

Camp Fri Leg & Popcorn



The camp Fri Leg & Popcorn’s motto is “Let your inner child out to play”. Their mission is to lure the inner child out of all festival participants by arranging various games and face painting and offer popcorn for everyone.

Camp De Umiddelbare



Camp De Umiddelbare consists of a street-theatre group from Roskilde called ‘De Umiddelbare’. The group wants to bring happiness, theatre and entertainment to Dream City. They will build a stage wherefrom they will provide you with daily performances, such as theatre-sports, improvisation, clown-parade and concerts with visuals! The stage will be an open stage for everyone to participate in, or perform own shows.

Camp Tom Selleck



Camp Tom Selleck will build a chillax camp with hammocks, great music and mobile chargers for all. They will also make a beer cooler, where people can come by, drop off a warm beer and immediately get an ice-cold beer. Camp Tom Selleck also throws a crazy ‘White Russian Party’ where you can drink all the delicious White Russian you can!

Camp Læger uden Skruples


Camp Læger uden Skrupler believe that Roskilde Festival will be better for everyone if they take care of your body. Therefore, the friendly doctors offer everyone free sunscreen lubricating, hangover treatment by Dr. Nielsen, and various competitions to keep the spirit high.

The welcoming doctors are always ready to examine people for various small defects, and provide good health tips.

Camp Beer-Pong


Camp Beer-Pong want to create a camp with a lot of happy people and a good vibe. They will make around 6 tables to play beer pong and provide cups and table-tennis balls. They will paint the tables in differet themes, such as soccer and Roskilde Festival.

The camp will be a meeting point for others to socialize and meet new people around the tables.



The plan is to build 4 solid beer pong tables as the core of our camp. These tables will be free for everyone to use, at any time, and we will supply cups and ping pong balls. This will mean people can just drop by with a few beers and be ready to play.

The many beer pong games will produce a lot of waste in the form of used cups and beer cans. To combat this, we will have garbage cans with basketball nets, and incorporate a minigame in the beer pong rules, to make sure people use them.

Camp Awesome


Camp Awesome will bring awesomeness to Roskilde! With everyday lectures in how to change your everyday boring self into an awesome personality your life is never going to be the same after a visit to Camp Awesome!

Come by our CAMP AWESOME and tell us who you want to be and we will make it happen. Your change will be ratified by Buckets of Saftebobs and celebrated hard. We also give climate-friendly lectures as inspiration for those who have not yet realised that life can be changed into the better.

Camp Bash Back


Camp Bash Back will build a boxing ring with surrounding chill areas, and create a safe space where women, queers and sexual minorities can meet, discuss and practice how to defend themselves when being harrased or violated due to their gender identity or sexuality. This will be done in different ways that will create reflexion and a feeling of togetherness and empowerment.

Kamp Sten


Kamp Sten want to tell people at Roskilde Festival about the gravel pit and the positive aspects of the gravel pit intruding the Roskilde Festival area.

Fest in the West


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Fest in the West want to build a part of the Wild West in Dream City. They want to have a campfire area in the middle of the camp (no fire of cause), with tree stumps around it, so there is a real campfire spirit! Furthermore they will have a lot of other western inspired things and events, such as a cactus beer cooler, water pistols, lassos, hobbyhorses etc. And of course hot cowgirls and cowboys the entire festival!

Camp Comic Relief


Camp Comic Relief will create a comic relief-zone where people can come and chill out and read Batman and other comics. They want to create a space where people can relax and socialize over some comic-reading and discuss different aspects of the stories, movies, characters and so on, and maybe get to know each other a little better.

Unicorny Camp


Like last year Unicorny Camp will provide alternative projects and events. This year they will build a small amphitheatre, and invite queer activist, show movies and other exciting stuff.

Camp Find Holger

Camp Find Holger are building a great Find Holger house wrapped in red and white colours and as usually they give free Find Holger books to all.
There will also be Find Holger competitions and the legendary talent competition… and Whipe Out – It’ll be great!


Camp d’atelier



Camp d’atelier is a camp where visual arts of painting is at center. They will create a space for hungover painting. Doesn’t matter if they are good or bad at it – Camp d’atelier just want to see people create! And party hard in the nights!


Ufo-Aage Camp


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Ufo-Aage Camp will build a “Psychological Garden” and have some fun with it during the festival. The camp expect to make a barbecue on the opening day go the festival, with whole roasted pig and lamb.

Trash’n The Camp



Trash’n The Camp plan to build a scene construction on a hill – a party and chillax area for everyone at the festival. The construction will only consist of recycling materials

Camp Spies


Camp Quizzes for All will bring quizzes to enjoy people and nurture their competitive spirit.

Johankat’s GeoDome



The camp believe that a Geodome in Dream City will help shape the architecture landscape as a result of it’s unique and natural form. Also, they feel that the ability to recycle materials such as plastic, PVC and wood makes the idea ideal for Dream City as it contains social responsibility and sustainability.

Motto: ”Don’t recycle – Redecorate.”

Camp Bodega


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Camp Bodega want to set up a beer tent / building, whichever is possible, with real english pub atmosphere. Round tables, comfortable chairs, dices, playing cards, decorations as an example a bell to give rounds. The camp will be used to spread the coziness of Dream City 2014. People can join and get a game Cheat or Meyer, and drink a  beers.

Crazy Legs


Camp Crazy Legs med undertekster-HD 1080p Video Sharing

Crazy Legs would like to build a 2 storage building, where they can enjoy Roskilde from a higher view. They would also like to bring their Foam Canon and throw a foam party in the Roskilde Sun.

Adventure Camp




Adventure Camp’s goal is to go on new adventures every year.
This year we have chosen to go to the Caribbian in the late 17th century where the Pirates of Tortuga Island battles the british sailors in the employ of the The Indian Company.
We plan on building 2 two camps, facing each other, as inspired as possible by the era.
We plan on different pirate games and will encourage people who want, to join in.

Camp Nasty



Camp Nasty focus on garbage disposal and collect used stuff like sleeping bags, boots, tents etc. to pass on. They’ll have several parties, Theme parties, Lambrusco-parties and just ooze of plain good Orange Feeling through the entire festival.

Camp Nasty will build a lounge-area, and a small bar-like thing-a-majig, but it’s all on the drawing board still.

Blastbeast Metal Camp



The legendary Blastbeast Metal Camp will return to Dream City 2014!

With a successful camp in 2013, we are ready to bring the heavy metal culture to Roskilde Festival yet again – this time with all the rookie mistakes sorted out!

Camp Vet


Skærmbillede 2014-06-24 kl. 16.35.15

Camp Vet will build a camp with a veterinarian theme, which will be centered around a circus tent, decorated with everything related to the veterinary profession. They will build a great horse, so everybody can see the camp from a distance. The slogan is:”Camp Vet – we can fix your pet!”

Theme parties: Animal Party, Dyrelægens natbord, dogwash and the play with “Animal body twister”.

Camp Vet contribute with stunning good vet mood and love!