Welcome to Dream City

Dream city is your opportunity to create and build your own spot at Roskilde Festival. Dream City is an audience-driven area of Roskilde Festival’s camping site – located in H. Here we have room for approx. 4.000 Roskilde Festival participants, who want to carry out this user-driven camp area.

There are virtually no limits to what you can create or build in Dream City – as long as it’s safe, it’s only the imagination of the participants which sets the limit.

Dream City is about co-creation, collaboration, sustainability – and great ideas. This is the place for those Roskilde participants who want to upgrade their festival by creating unique surroundings. It is for those who want to do something special with their camp, build something extraordinary, and create something that elevates the experience for themselves and their fellow festival goers.

Dream City’s four dogmas

To be a part of Dream City you only need to follow the city’s dogmas:

  • Acquire a ticket to Roskilde Festival 2014 or become a volunteer.
  • Consider your project/camp as a gift to Dream City – something that can be shared with the rest of the ‘Dreamers’ and festival goers.
  • Think sustainable and socially responsible.
  • What you bring you must take with you again when you leave the city.

Endless opportunities

Dream City is an ambitious audience-driven project based on co-creation, community and great ideas, which makes it a significantly different area from the rest of the Roskilde Festival camp site. Dream City is build on your unlimited creativity, motivation and enthusiasm to create exciting projects. If you share those ambitions and if you have the motivation to follow the project through then Dream City is the place where you should build your camp.

Building process

As a part of Dream City you can already start creating and building your project from the 29th of March 2014, where you as a participant in Dream City can access the festival site 100 days before the festival kicks off. Roskilde Festival will account for some basic facilities such as safety and construktion guidance, toilets, some tools and workshops where you can get inspiration to carry out your project but you will have to deliver materials and handcrafts yourselves.

IMPORTANT INFO: The last weekend of construction in Dream City is the 21st – 22nd of June 2014 (the weekend before Roskilde Festival begins). This means that your camp or project has to be completed on Sunday the 22nd of June at 8PM.

Removal and cleanup process

It is your responsibility to clean up your camp area in Dream City completely after the festival ends. All Dream City citizens will therefore have the opportunity to stay in Dream City an extra day, so you have time to pack everything down and transport it out of the camping area.

As long as you live up to the dogmas and the basic safety demands you can in return get to build and create what you dream of. We can already tell you that you can build furniture (benches, tables, beds), that you can build in levels (if it is safe and can’t fall) and that you can lay a floor and build platforms. But it’s your imagination and not ours that sets the agenda here.

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If this sounds like something you want to be a part of and you want to place a project or camp in Dream City, you can! All you have to do is participate. Read more about how you’ll get to do that here.

If you have any questions about building some extraordinary construction you can contact us or join us at one of the workshops during the spring, where you also have the opportunity to discuss your ideas and get assistance to realize them. Read more about it here.

You can also post questions on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/dreamcity.roskildefestival or send us an email at dreamcity@roskilde-festival.dk.


A map of Roskilde Festival and Dream Citys location.

Living in Dream City

Read more about living in Dream City in the Camp Codex for Dream City and learn about electricity, sound facts, gift economy, sponsorships etc.: Living in Dream City 2014


In Dream City you have the freedom to build your camp more or less as you like as long as it is within the ordinary safety regulations for building at Roskilde Festival. For instance, you can’t build a 3-meter tall tower without making sure it doesn’t topple in the wind. Just like you can’t build “caves” that you can’t get out from in case of an emergency, or build fires in the middle of the camping area. Other than that you should be good if the project meets the safety codes of Roskilde festival. These safety codes can be altered in the process and are evaluated by the festival’s safety crew. Therefore, changes to your project might be required in order for it to comply with standing safety codes.

If you need advice om your building project you can send us an email and we will try to help you – bygdc@roskilde-festival.dk

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