How to Participate

How to participate in Dream City

Do you want to participate in building Roskilde Festival’s coolest neighbourhood, Dream City, on campsite H? Would you love to create an urban garden that can provide you and your neighbours with fresh vegetables? Do you think your camp has always lacked a bike track or a dance floor? Do you want a roof over your head? Balcony? Furniture? Or a temple that provides a silence space for reflection? Dream City is your opportunity to create and build your own unique camp and project at Roskilde Festival as long as it’s safe. It is only the limits of your imagination, which sets the boundaries.

If you can say yes to all the above then you have to be a part of Dream City 2014.

Do you have any great ideas on a project or an activity for your camp and do you want to take part in building the audience-driven area of Dream City? Then you keep on reading and do as follows:

  1. Consider your project as a gift to Dream City’s citizens and neighbourhood – something that can be shared and elevates the festival-experience. Then think about how YOU can realise your project.
  2. When you have thought about the above then go on and fill out the the registration form. Registration is closed for Dream City 2014
  3. Feel exited and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  4. Pick out an area in Dream City, on campsite H, where you want to place your camp. A square on the Dream City map equals 100 people so keep this in mind when you select a spot in Dream City. (You find the map here).
  5. To reserve a spot in Dream City and confirm your registration you have to show up in Hal 1 one of the first 3 opening weekends (from 29th of March until 13th of April) and place your camp on the map! Dream City crew will then confirm your placement on the map on the website. If you are unable to come by Hal 1 then please let us know by writing us an email, and perhaps we can help you out!
  6. There is always room for more Dreamers in Dream City and after the 13th April you just have to show up either at festival site or in Hal 1 and claim a spot at the map.
  7. You and your camp can start creating and building your project from the 29th of March 2014, where you as a participant in Dream City can access the festival site 100 days before the festival kicks off. The first 50 days will be at Hal 1 (see map) and from the 10th of May we will be at the festival site (see map here). You will have to finish your building project before 8pm the 22nd of June.
  8. You can also join the many Dream City Workshops during the 100 days of festival to work further on your idea and get inspiration from the DC Crew and your fellow Dream City participants. Read more about the workshops here.
  9. In the mean time, tell your friends about your idea or camp, like us on Facebook and share your idea there too
  10. Follow us at instagram to get insight in the life of a weekly dreamer @dreamcity_rf
  11. In Dream City we want to help you fulfill the awesome ideas you have for Dream

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